July 23th – Night train to Lisbon

Trein 16:42 vertrekstation Bayonne

We komen steeds Zuidelijker op onze weg van Parijs naar Hendaye. Vanochtend hebben we Annick ontmoet op Gare du Nord en nu reizen we met zijn drieën. Als merken we daar nu helaas niet zo veel van omdat Dagmar en ik in een ander gedeelte dan zij zitten in deze immens lange trein. Gelukkig hebben we wel hetzelfde uitzicht, variërend van idyllische huisjes met balkonnetjes, gekleurde luiken voor de ramen waar de was buiten hangt, dennenbomen, tot industrieterreinen met vreemd uitziende onbestemde gebouwen en Franse stations. Dagmar en ik hebben naast slapen verschillende stijlen beluisterd, befilosofeerd en geanalyseerd. Natuurlijk Fado, maar ook Tango, Flamenco, Arabische en Indiase klassieke muziek.

00:07 Night train to Lisbon

After the trip to Hendaye we met again with Annick and took the train to Irun. We talked for a while, enjoying our beautiful view on the Spanish landscape (for Dagmar and me both the first time in Spain). On the train we also met Sasha, a lovely girl from Berlin. Playing some Fado’s and also some improvised blues introduces by Annick we had a very nice and relaxed evening. Now Dagmar, Annick and Sasha are asleep and since I love the night I left the coupe for a while to finish the diary of today, as we are just leaving Medina del Campo.

Next to all these romantic aspects of our journey, as watching the sun go down between mountains and Mediterranean landscapes, there is also anxiety. Is somebody even reading about our adventures? And back in the Netherlands, will we be able to spread our films? It feels as if just loving what we do isn’t enough anymore, because of the other people we involve. The people working together with us, whom we are so grateful (!!!) like fantastic Annick filming, the people being featured in the interviews. It becomes more important to really achieve something, that we reach other people. Because reaching other people(/it) is the greatest form of gratitude we can give this people. This makes it more difficult, but also more exiting. All we can do is hold on to our passion and make everything work as fluent as possible. But so many things are to be arranged, we are also confronted with our own mistakes, like forgetting to put 0031 before our phone number on our visit card. But all these experiences are really part of the deal and we have to live trough all of them to grow. And hopefully they won’t stand in our way to spread our love for music, culture and people.

Tomorrow we’ll finally arrive in Lisbon and the project really starts- we’ll see how everything works out! We’ll be enjoying and loving our adventure and the Fado – I hope some of that spark of our passion will reach you.


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  1. Een goede start.., ik kan me goed inleven in jullie reis. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het verder gaat!! Dus ik blijf jullie volgen hoor. Liefs Ingeborg


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