26th of July – Carlos do Carmo, Sarah Perreira

26th of July – Carlos do Carmo, Sarah Perreira

We just had an unbelievable experience and are sitting at Ti’Camilla, a café opposite the Museu do Fado. We had the honor to interview Carlos do Carmo. What touched us very much, was that he said that being an artist is more about what you give and less about what you receive. And what you give is spiritual food in the form of music. You can only do this when you don’t pretend to be somebody or something else than you are. Writing this does sound as a cliché and we’re fully aware of that, but for us it really has an important meaning. We feel that the studies we are developing, the different places and especially the different people sometimes may cause us to forget this. We will carry the inspiration we got out of this conversation with us during the rest of our life and it will integrate in our projects. Carlos told us that he was being very sincere and we hope that our reflection on our meeting and his sayings can capture his honesty.

Before the interview with Carlos do Carmo we spoke to Sarah Perreira, director of the Museu do Fado. The first answer she gave completely blew us away, because she knew so many things about both the Fado, the Museum (which has quite an important and international role) and about UNESCO and the world heritage list. Since the museum also has a school, we asked about how one can learn to play or sing Fado. Her answer seemed to be in contrast with what Pedro told us yesterday, but is was actually the same. She told the Museum has a variety of students (from seven-year-old children to a Japanese student) and they were able to learn to play and sing Fado. But she also said that you learn only the technical part and that the emotional part of being a Fado musician can’t be learned in a Museum.

Tonight we’ll be enjoying the Fado house of Pedro, where he will also be playing. We’ll see how combining filming the music and dining at the restaurant will work out.

We’re publishing this diary at one of the wifi-spots, where we have aces to because we’re drinking lemonade and beer on the terrace (we would have loved to pretend to have a more professional attitude – more drinks, fancy drinksJ).


Gwendolynn and Dagmar

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