July, 24 – First day Lisboa: diary part three

July, 24 – First day Lisboa: diary part three

24th of July, 11:53 Casa dos Baldaques


Arrived! We’re just installing in the house at Rue the Baldaques, which has a lovely view on some small gardens and is very cozy. After some sleeping (because we arrived quite early this morning and sleeping on the train wasn’t that comfortable), showering, we’ll just do some shopping and then speak through the planning. In a few hours we’ll be joined by Rick and Thomas.

We are just back from our first Fado experience in Lisbon! Rik showed us a little café in Alfama, runned by a family, where all the members sing Fado. It is amazing how they combine serious Fado singing, serving drinks and entertaining.

After the music we decided it was time to cool down with… ice cream! We found a lovely gelato place, where we bumped into Andre Baptista, a fadista. Rik introduced us to him and he was very enthusiastic about welcoming us to film him in the Fado house where he performed. So a nice little accidental meeting with probably the best Ice cream we’ve tasted finished our day.


Gwendolynn and Dagmar



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