Torre del Oro – diary Sevilla part 3

Monday 7th of August

Today the city is quite more alive than it was yesterday. I decided to go to Triana once more, to see the difference between Sunday and the other days. I walked again over Calle Betis (the same street where the performance yesterday had been, this street follows the river). Arriving at the next bridge I crossed it and found a good place in the shade where I sat down to do some more studying. Next to a fig tree I walked down a very small stair and sat there for a while. But I needed to leave because after a while all the shade was gone and it became very hot. I was very close to the ‘Torre del Oro’ (golden tower) and decided to pay a visit to this tower. I was lucky to be there on Monday, because the entrance was free. Now by climbing a small round staircase I was led into a round room. Here all kind of paintings that had to do with discovering new worlds (sailors, ships, instruments to navigate) and small copies of the ships could be admired. It was very interesting to see all this, I have always been fascinated by the discovering era since I first learned about it. I was impressed by a fact of which I did not know before:


 1519-1522, First circumnavigation of the Earth

The Torre del Oro was silent witness of that heroic deed initiated by Fernando de Magallanas and completed by Juan Sebastian Eleano. The spherical shape of the Earth was definitely proven. The drawing of the world will be made from then on according to the geographical reality.

For me, this made the tower a very special place, since the different view on the shape of the world changed so much. I found it just extraordinary to realize that the prove for a round world was found on the place I was standing at that very moment. Climbing the stairs once more it brings you to the top if the tower, from where you have the most beautiful view of the city. This is something I have read about, not only view points in Sevilla, but also other cities. But people describing this do not come close to the real experience (so I will not be describing the view, it’s something you will only really appreciate standing there). Down again you find the room where the whole history of the tower and Sevilla, once the capital of Al-Andaluz, are written on the wall, accompanied by some drawings and pictures.

In the evening I met two lovely people from Italy at La Carboniera, Barbara and Fabian. It was wonderful to see how much they cared for each other and how sweet their personalities are. They both loved Flamenco and liked to see it without the commercialized setting of a theatre show, that is the reason why they came to La Carboniera. In the first lesson I learned a letra which has quite a famous colletilla (the chorus) ‘Un tiro al AIre’ and it was performed that evening. It’s always nice to recognize songs or texts, so I was glad they played it. During the performances the musicians have always a thirty-minute break, which is used by the dancers to change clothes. The female dancer (that I was seeing for the second time) liked to invite a friend from the public to end the evening. This was a funny moment: a small young man with shorts and a green striped shirt rose and greeted the other artists. They pointed at him proudly and he pointed at his clothes, with an apologizing and self-mocking air. When they danced it seemed to me as if the dancers were really feeling passion for each other (- it still could’ve been a trick of the Flamenco, of course).


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