Two engineers and the city – diary Sevilla part 6

Friday 11th of August


This morning I started the day with a kayak-tour. I met the tour-guide, who had moved to Sevilla to study engineering. At the beginning of the tour kayaked past a fig tree from where we had some fresh figs (actually I wasn’t supposed to tell this, since it wasn’t originally part of the tour). Seeing Sevilla from the water is just wonderful. We saw some bridges, also the newer ones. Puente Isabel II was the first bridge to connect Triana and Sevilla, which was originally not part of Sevilla, but a different city. We got out of the kayaks at the Botanic gardens and had a small walk and swim. The tour-guide turned to be a musician: he played Arabic music on the ud. Te music he preferred to listen to was Mozart. After the tour he was so kind to show me Park Maria Louisa, where I hadn’t been so far. While going to the park we also went inside the most expensive hostel in Europe, the University (originally a Tabaco factory). The park itself was so beautiful, with so many different places, trees, plants, fountains, statues. After the garden we saw Plaza d’Espagne, which is one of the most memorable places. An enormous square with a beautiful building which you can climb to have an excellent view. Meanwhile we were having interesting conversations, about our lives, art, life in general- good company. I learned something more about the city and also about the Arabic culture.

plaza de espana2

After saying goodbye, I went back to the hostel to pack. There I found a new roommate. After packing he joined me for a last stroll through the city. I had my hair braided by a woman from Dakar at the market at the square opposite the Amorino gelato shop at Calle Alfonso XII. We walked to the Alcazar, had a small view on the cathedral. My roommate was like me: intrigued by the fact that this was all build by human beings. And also realizing that a lot of people didn’t survive working at the building. We listened to the brass band who seemed to be playing always near the Alcazar, wel-known songs, especially associated with films. This time a Disney-medley (the older movies as Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid etc.). We some more dwelling and talking and went for dinner. In the end we decided to eat near La Carboniera, at s place where I had already eaten once. It was very good and we also really enjoyed the Flamenco. My roommate from Murcia lives next to gypsies and because he heard to much and to loud Flamenco from them he wasn’t that fond of it anymore, so it was very nice that he also loved the music tonight. The female dancer I had not seen before, she danced more introvert than the others I had seen there, but I liked her style. We sat in the corner where the painter as every evening was creating Flamenco-paintings. As I had decided on the first night, since I was fascinated by seeing him paint, I bought some book-marks, which I will give to my friends back in the Netherlands.

While passing Amorino (gelato shop) on our way home, we decided to end the evening with some ice cream, which was unless the price, a very good decision. My roommate was very good company, very nice to talk with – and guess what: he was a 27-year old engineer, exactly ten years younger than the friend I met earlier this day.

So that was it, the ending of traveling to Fado and Flamenco. Instead of going back to The Hague I’d love to go back to Lisboa, I really fell in love with this city. During the travelling in Sevilla, the hearing of all the live Flamenco really helped to make it more natural for me. I understand more about the structure now. I was so fortunate that Patrick brought me in touch with Maria, who is such a warm and welcome person and who arranged that Pili could teach me. Pili learned me so much and by translating during the lessons, Maria made a great difference, since the explanations were broader now. Though I could only understand (most of) what Pili said and was not able to talk back, I felt very comfortable with her and think she is a very special person- this is reflected in both her singing and her character. The Flamenco is a style that is not so easy to discover, but a very interesting and attractive one. I will continue studying with the material Pili gave me and next year I will have a Flamenco ensemble as a minor at school, so this is something to look forward to, to really develop my understanding of the art.



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