Pastiche traveling Lesbos

Pastiche traveling Lesbos

We are excited to announce our third summer project!

This project will be different from the other two, in which we were shooting material for short films. This journey has two different purposes: researching Rebetika and working together with Connect by Music.



Our research will be focusing more on our own playing. The different ensembles of Pastiche are playing together in this project and we are joined by Marijn again! At the Island, we will be recording a few songs.


Connect by Music

Dagmar will be volunteering for Connect by Music for two weeks. She will be working at refugee camp Kara Tepe. Our ensemble will be playing at Kara Tepe and Moria and at restaurant Home, hosted by Nicos and Katarina.


Learn more about Connect by Music:

Learn more about Home:


As our journey comes closer we will introduce the members of our group one by one. We are with Emma van Dobben, Frank Schumm, Fieke Neijssen, Marijn Moolenaar, Dagmar Cloosterman and Gwendolynn de Boer.

We will keep you updated about our adventures through this diary.


In order to finance the journey, we will be organizing a concert, we hope to see you there!


Fieke & Gwendolynn

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