Pastiche works with different musicians that are responsible for performances and projects of our fund.  We introduce them below:

Marijn Moolenaar

Marijn started pMarijn Moolenaarlaying the violin when she was eight years old. Her main interest is music from the Balkans, but she also plays Irish music. She also has a background in classical music. Recently, she started exploring Ottoman music in lessons with Joris van der Beek. She played in the band Raromski, teaches the violin and is always connected to different musical projects. Marijn is studying at the conservatory of Amsterdam and is now in the last year of the study Music in Education. Marijn is one of the founders of Pastiche and was also with us in Scotland for our project ‘Pastiche capturing the Music from Scotland’. She left us for a while to focus more on other projects and joined us again since we started our Rembetiko-project in may 2018.

Marjolein Karman

Pastiche Amsterdam Marjolein

As a child, Marjolein was already connected to world music. She used to play a lot on the drums of her nephew, who taught her as well a bit about how to play them from time to time. Meanwhile Marjolein plays the violin, ukelele, piano, guitar, bass guitar, saz and percussion (mainly darbuka, djembe, shakers). During her study to become a Music Teacher she received lessons about world music. In this way she was aqcuainted with the sa zand fell in love with the sounds of this instrument. Now she is following a saz course within her study.

The past years Marjolein sang and played in different bands. For five years she sang in the band 7 Thirsty Days, now she is singing in acoustic trio Maybe tommorow. Marjolein sees Pastiche as a welcome project in addition to her study and other projects.

Emma band
Emma van Dobben

When she was little, Emma started playing the piano, interested by the sound and harmonies of the instrument. During her study at the conservatory she discovered her love for folk music and started playing the accordeon. After studying to become a music teacher at Codarts Rotterdam she specialised in teaching and world music. She finished the Master of Music, whereby she choose ‘The use of the piano within Irish folk music’ as the subject for her final research. She also attended a summer school in Irish music and finished the master ‘Music Education According to the Kodály concept’. She followed lessons in Hungary (at the Kodály institution), Scotland and Ireland. Emma also plays in folkband Amma (piano and vocals) and in the folkpopband Tara (vocals and accordeon). Emma is to be found regularly at the Archeon, where she plays the hurdy-gurdy. She also has her own puppet performance ‘Muzikaleverhalen’ (‘Musicstories’).

Fieke Neijsen

Pastiche Amsterdam Fieke

Fieke started music with the playing of percussion. Later she started playing the piano. Especially while playing percussion she got more acquai
nted with world music. She played at B-mol music centre in the world percussion group.

Here she played especially music from Africa and Japan. Fieke is inspired by the oral tradition of world music: you learn bye ear and play most of the time without sheet music. While playing with Pastiche, Fieke is eager in broadening her knowledge of world music.


Frank SchummFrank
Classical guitar

Frank has been playing with Pastiche since the summer of 2017. He is studying Tango guitar at Codarts Rotterdam. As a child, he started with classical repertoire on the guitar, later he also started playing Tango, Latin and Gypsyjazz. While he plays with Pastiche, he is also focussing on other styles, like the Rebetiko from Greece and the music from Ireland and Scotland. Next to playing the guitar, Frank also likes to focus more on playing the piano and the double bass.
Gwendolynn de Boer
Vocals, harp, bodhran, whistles

Gwendolynn Pastiche band
Gwendolynn is fascinated by the richness of different musical styles and finds it interesting to dive into this styles. Researching these styles, she tries to find differences and similarities. Changing while playing repertoire of different styles asks another way of playing, both on technical as on emotional level. Yet, within this differences, there is also unity: the songs and instrumentals are being played from personal perspective. Her musical journey started with Irish music and expanded to different places and musical styles, which also leaded her to new instruments.




The musicians we play with have different backgrounds. Some have expertise in a certain style through their studies, others are self-taught. Our vision is to play a style as authentic as possible with the musicians and instruments we have. All musicians have a passion for a style they want to share.