Pastiche Traveling Lesbos

The project

In the summer of 2018 we will be traveling to Lesbos. Our team is a combination of all ensembles and befriended musicians: Emma van Dobben, Frank Schumm, Fieke Neijssen, Marijn Moolenaar, Dagmar Cloosterman and Gwendolynn de Boer. During this project we are focussing on two goals: learning more about Rembetiko and working together with Connect by Music. We hope to play together and talk about Rembetiko-music with musicians from the Island and we will be visiting different places to research the style. We will be playing, performing and recording a cd! Dagmar will be volunteering two weeks for Connect by Music and we will meet her when we come to play at the refugee camps in Kara Tepe and Moria.

Find out more about Connect by Music.

We will keep you updated with a diary, which we will post online.