Our main goal is to connect people through different styles of traditional music. We do this by projects in which the central aim is to create moments of connection.

Of course, connecting through music doesn’t necessarily have to happen by way of different styles of traditional music, it is (theoretically) possible with any music. But traditional styles of music are a very effective way to create moments of connection, because of their primeval quality. Traditional music is about lives of different people and songs tell about universal themes, like love, loss, celebration. The way these universal subjects are presented within traditional music is different from other types of music, because of the old roots a lot of the songs have. In the case of newly composed songs, the roots go still back many years most of the time and this creates a deep layer within the music. Since every tradition has another cultural background, it brings also a different point of view on life. The combination of points of all these perspectives form a complete image. The exchange of these points of view brings the opportunity to experience live in a different way, because different cultures bring different pallets of emotions. Taking another person’s perspective creates connection and empathy. Hopefully this will also create the willingness to work together to solve problems. For Pastiche, another important reason to create connection through different styles of traditional music, is because this is the music where our power lies. We have worked with projects where we researched different styles, and have played and talked with various musicians.
Within our projects, we focus on a universal theme to use as a starting point.